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Press Release – Medici Leather


Offices reflect our society’s values. They show that we care about efficiency and order but also power and authority. They reflect our beliefs about progress and high technology, but also competition and cooperation. Exploring the changing American office, from its beginnings in the 1830s in the railroad industry to its dominance in the American economy of the late twentieth century, shows us a way to study our nation’s growth, from the industrial revolution to the postindustrial information age.

There was a time when the American office could be defined as simply a building that housed bosses and workers for eight hours, five days a week. Offices were often defined by what was being produced, rather than who was doing the producing and how.

Every desk needs a chair. In the days of scientific management, the chair that went with the clerk’s desk had to keep the employee working at maximum productivity. And since clerks were discouraged from leaving their desks, the chair had to keep them sitting.

The chair has always been a status symbol in the office. Just as kings sat in thrones and no one else did, employers sat in armchairs while their clerks sat on stools.

By the 1950s, backrest height and seat size indicated job rank. Just as the bigger the desk the more prestigious the job, the more comfortable-looking the chair was, the higher up the organizational chart was the person who sat in it. There are probably few more powerful symbols in the office and contemporary life than the chair.

The office chair was strategically designed to increase the productivity of clerical employees by making it possible for them to remain sitting at their desks for long periods of time.

For supporting this matter, we offer personalized custom office chairs tailored specifically to the individual’s needs.

Medici Leather offers only High-Quality TOP GRAIN LEATHERS in variety of patterns and colors. Available in three price grades; Baron, Count, and Duke.

With a vertically-integrated USA manufacturer, Medici Leather has control over virtually every component that goes into our high-quality furniture, and has an extraordinary commitment to meeting special needs (frame alterations, new styles, custom embroidery, or other unique specifications). Please discuss your custom needs with our Product Consultant, and allow Medici Leather to provide you with seating you will cherish.